School... Then cleaned for a while, because the gingerbread houses are tomorrow... Wrapped most of my presents, and some of daddy's for him. then i went to Cede's new house... It is so cool, i love it, and i love her. We ate turkey dogs,,, yummy, then me her and maddy made a gingerbread house... At first we were doing it nice, but then the roof caved in and the frosting wasn't holding very well... so we kindof rearranged it. It turned out FabuLESS... ha. it was awesome... Then we played follow the leader,., and watched this cute movie called Tukiki... Home BEd.!.


Reese's Peanut butter Cups

School...Then i cleaned, and cooked AlOt... I'm so excited about the cookie exchange tommorrow... Then me and my Mom went to a step class at bally's. It was fun...ny... funny. It was our first time doing it, so we were facing the back, and we had NO clue what we were doing. But it was still fun, and the best work out i've ever got. then we did the yoga class. that was fun. Picked up Mikey and Joj from basketball practice. Home, then cooked some more, cut some more,cleaned some more, decoraTed some more, and all that jazz... MD2,., then bed..!..


Injury in Queens

Yesterday was really fun,., but packed. After the work out class at Bally's with Aunt Judy and my Mooma, me and my Moomoo spent the day together. We went to the bulk food store, Gamestop, Toys R Us, and Kirby's Coney Island. Then we went home and baked cookies for the COOkiE EXChANGE.!. So excited about that awesome lunch awesome dessert. Then Michael made me call like all of my friends to see if they could come to my Dad's work with us. They all were doing something, or couldn't get a ride, so i told Michael to call Joj. We went and picked him up, and headed to Dad's work. It was all fun and games until someone breaks a leg,,, or an arm.. Yep.,. JojO broke his arm,., we rushed him to the emergency room.. ha. 7-11. Noah came and he was like... "are they going to cut his arm off.?." . . .His arm was really bent, and he broke (fracture(same thing)) his arm. After like 2 hours of waiting, and three games of Starbursts (spoons, but with starbursts). joJo finally came out. Him and his dad drove to another hospital, and me Danny and Mikey went home. Bed after that...



Today was awesome...after school i cleaned for more money... then went to Great Lakes Crossing, and bought some awesome presents. I hate shopping, but i love giving. Played Fumball with Michael... I of course won,,, well it was a tie, ok he beat me by one... but thats only because he took me off the couch and threw me on the ground. Fumball is the funnest game ever. Now we're pulling a allnighter, he already fell asleep, it's a new record.!. This is the latest he has ever stayed up at one of our allnighters. Now i'm going to bed, because i finished my favorite movie... Lord of the Rings 2... Nighty night...


Balancing Flamingo

School. Then cleaned for my mooma for Christmas money. Now i'm going to a yoga class with my Mooma. I hope they don't do those crazy positions, like the balancing flamingo, crouching tiger, and swimming rhino. It's going to be fun because balancing and stretching are two things i'm not very good at. Wish me luck... And a spot in the back of the class.


Basketball Game

Today was fun,., after school i got to go to Janelle's basketball game.!. They won by alot, and Janelle did an amazing job. She did this awesome play, where she stole the ball, and then passed it to a girl, and then the girl made the layup. Me, victoria, Bob, Nathan, and Ali ( i think that's her name) and some other people did the wave. Janelle was playing even though she was sick with a cough, she still did awesome. Victoria sat by me the whole time...Awwe. I got peanut butter M&M's.!. My mooma took me Christmas shopping, and now i'm home....


busy bee

There are three types of people in life...
1. The immovable.
2. The movable.
3. Those who move.