ShAkA lAkA liP blAkA

Well today was the big surf comp. in Hunington.  After walking around there and getting a BUNCH of free stuff, we shopped around the stores.  I Picked out a pretty sweeet sweatshirt, and my Dad bought me two shirts ( thanks daddy ).  After meeting up with everyone Michael informed me that my sweatshirt was not so sweeet, and he even said that i have "no taste in sweatshirts".  Well i hate to say it, actually its pretty cool saying Michael picked out my new sweatshirt.  And yes, compared to the one i was going to buy it makes me look like i have no taste in sweatshirts.  It is sweeeeet, with FiVE e's.  Matt, Nina, Madeline, George, Bree, Scarlett, and Juliette are in.!.  Went to the beach with them.  Soooo adorable.  Madeline loves seaweed, and is fearless of the ocean.  She'll just go running into it, no prob.  Oh, and Scarlett was with her mom and was crying for me.!. oh. and on the way off the beach every other step Madeline had to dig up a pile of sand with her shovel.  i just love those two soooo much.  Best vacation EVER.!.  Home agains.  Awe. Aunt Judy and ian are leaving. So sad.  Wed parted with some good marshmellows though.  Yumo.  Great day on Vaca.



I don't think i have ever laughed so much or for so long in my life.  Today was so much fun and awkward.  Started off by picking up Russell and Andrew from the airport.  Me and my Mom must've circled that airport at least twenty (no joke) times.  Because we couldn't park and their luggage was taking an extraordinarily long time to get unloaded.  Then we headed straight for the beach. Boogie Boarding. Yah. Well lets just say that Russell and Andrew left me in my time of need. They did.!. i know, i wouldn't have believed they would do such a thing either.  But Russell left me for a wave and Andrew left me for some lessons in boogie boarding, and there was me and some seventeen year old, in the middle of an ocean, just us two. Awkward much?  And it's not that i can't handle those kind of situations, but usually i can run away or make a very smooth exit. But when you're in the middle of an ocean the only thing you can do is catch a wave, and every wave i caught he caught too.  But anyways.  We played this charades game tonight, hahahaha Papa was so funny.  I got the best ab workout of my life.!. Ok so we were all supposed to write down eight famous people, and those would be the people that we had to explain with just words, then act out, then explain with one word.  Well Papa put down his neighbor, some guy from his baseball team, and all these other different people from his past. We couldn't stop laughing because noone would know who it was and then when the time was up he would say... OOOOh yah Spotty, he used to be on my baseball team. Maybe you had to be there.  Another good day in Calii.


On top of a Whale.

Right now i'm in California.!.  I would like to take this moment to thank my mom for all the hard work she puts into this vacation. She is so amazing.  Not only does she plan out the whole vacation from airplane tickets to the resort we stay in, she also is my personal shopper.  Somehow she always finds me the perfect bathing suites. The only bathing suites i have, she picked out for me, bought them, and when i tried them on they fit perfectly.  She is so amazing, and i love her sooooo very much.  I'm am so lucky to have such a wonderful mom who loves me.  Going to the camp this week made me realize all the more how wonderful my Mom truly is.  I could go on forever, but i wont. Today was fun fun. i was so lucky to sit by a really nice, funny, girl on the plane. We talked for four hours, straight. Today was so funny. Me, Nana, Papa, my Mom, Michael, Aunt Judy, and Ian together, is so funny.  It's like nonstop laughter. We went shopping for food, and bought soooo much stuff. I bought a mango and thought of Aunt Karen, I can't wait until she gets here and we get to eat them together. There are so many things i'm looking forward to. The sooner I get to bed, the sooner tomorrow happens. Nighty nights.



Well today was fun. Exciting because me and Michael are leaving for camp tomorrow.  Nothing really in the AM. Tennis with the fam until it started raining, me and Dad beat my Mom and Michael. So funny. Then we went and ate at Golden Chopsticks, this amazing chinese restaurant.  I know horoscopes are bad, but i just think its funny that they classified me as a monkey.  then went and painted at Jesse's. Not that you could tell by looking at me... haha. jk. yah, i'm pretty much covered in white paint. It was so much fun spending time with my cousins (Jesse and Bethany), my future cousins (Amber and Mike), and my family (Dad, Mom, and Michael).  Now Tristin is over. Fact. He spent 250 dollars on gas to get from Myrtle Beach to, well, my house. Wowza. Packing now for camp.!. Wooohooo. kind of last minute, but better late then never. 



Well church was pretty amazing tonight... it packed science, humor, and an awesome message into two short hours. Lori, i don't know how you do it. :) . Well when i went home, God gave me some words that went along with the message, and a melody to go along, so i geuss i have a song, that i absolutely love... I titled it fire because it's about our message from tonight.

Lord, let your fire burn
burn inside of me
fill me with your love
fill me with your peace
let your fire spread
spread to all i see
let your fire spread
starting out with me

your fire spreads to anyone
who accepts it, who will let it
once they have it inside of them
will they keep it, or extinguish it

no pit can hold me in
no water slow me down
now that you're inside of me
i can't even stop myself in progress.


Ok. Well i should probably start off by typing about last night, because that's were the fun began. After tennis lessons, my wonderful friend Victoria came over. Since it was too late to go to Russell's soccer game, we decided to invite Cedes over to watch Wipeout and " I Survived a Japenese Game Show". Two completely different kinds of funnies. Wipeout is just funny, because people are getting wacked by huge donuts, and trying to find poles (hahaha), and the japenese show is funny because the audience is CRAZY. After watching that we decided to watch "Pride and Prejudice", which happens to be my new favorite movie. Why? you might ask. Welll for two reasons.
1. There are so many different twists and turns throughout the movie.
2. The whole time i'm watching the movie there is a huge smile on my face, and i'll start laughing when the movie gets awkward. . . like in this pic. =)

It may sound like we're a bunch of bums, but it was a tuesday after all. Tor spent the night... yay. Ok so today was so much fun. I got to go to the zoo with some of my favorite people. Aunt Judy, Madeline, Michael, Mom, and Nina. It was so much fun, Madeline was so cute.!. As usual.

Started off by looking at the monkeys.
Sooooo Cute.!.

Smooching the wall.!.?.

Chow timE
Another break


Madeline walked all the way up to the statue just to bonk it on the head


There's my Mom.!.

Me by the Bathrooms... ha.

What a wonderful day,., full of smiles.


Whirlyball... YO.!.

Wowza. This weekend had to be one of thee funnest weekends of my life. Fourth of July (Independence Day) is my new favorite holiday, officially. On the actual fourth of july i went to my Aunt Karen's house. The food was soooo good i don't think i ever stopped eating. We also flew kites which was so much fun and soo funny. Ha. The things people will do in order to get a kite into the air. Eventually all of our kites were up in the air, and we even had time to pause and go sing happy birthday to Amber and Christa. The fireworks were so amazing this year. Saturday was my "day after independence day" party. We played whirlyball, cards, and even a little basketball. Oh and we chowed down on all of our doritos. Ha, what a huge mixup. i thought stephanie was bringing the doritos in the red bag, and julie thought she was bringing the doritos in the blue bag, soooo i bought a bag of blue, and julie brought a bag of red, and stephanie brought two bags of red and one of blue... So we ended up with fOUR bags of doritos. Yumi.


Fun Day

Today was such a fun day i am typing this in yellow. Even though yellow isn't one of my favorite colors, it always reminds me of bright sunny days and today was one of those days. Jewels came over, and we went and played tennis with Steph and my mooma. Then Danny got dropped off at the courts and we went to sleven, which always sounds like a good idea at the time, but afterwards I always wish that i would've gotten a water instead. Not because of the calories or anything like that.. just because sometimes water is the only thing that can quench my thirst. Then we all went back to the homestead and planned for the BiG "day after fourth of july" party. ha. It's going to be awesome. After steph left =( we ate =) and then picked up cedes, and went to Russell's soccer game, which they won.!.
I met the cutest little girl named Lauren.
On the way home we got some Krispy Kreme donuts. Delish. The ultimate donut for me would be chocolate iced glaze. If you want you can let me know what your favorite donut is. And if you need any ideas here is a website giving you a picture and the name of some Krispy Kremers . Did some other stuff including: three water balloon fights, watched " i survived a Japanese game show", and caught a spider for Victoria's project.!. yes i did it woohooo.