Christmas Eve.!.

So. Every Christmas Eve my family, and Nana, Papa, and Uncle D. go over Uncle Tony
 and Aunt Jeanine's house (with his fam, kids, and their kids), and we eat AMAZiNG food, and have a bunch of fun. Well this year was no different. Let me just say a few of the delicious things that our on the menu. Raviolis, stuffed mushrooms, ahmazing steak, shrimp, Aunt Jeanine's salad, meatballs, and so much more. I'm so thankful that our families can get together every Christmas eve, i look forward to it just as much as Christmas. Here are some pics.

Uncle Tony and I
Mom and Aunt Jeanine
Madeline praying before we ate
soooo cute.

My Mom reading Are You My Mother to Scarlett and Madeline
Madeline haha
Juliette being adorable as usual
Uncle Tony managing the light
No more Cannolis Papa!!
My favorite Picture from tonight would have to be this one. It definitely wins hands down.
(which reminds me, Nina got a railroad in Pinocle, i was her partner)



Transiberian Orchestra

Tonight was soooo much fun. We went to see the transiberian orchestra play at the palace.  My favorite person in the orchestra is the drummer, ha, i love when he makes his sticks go into an X . Pretty shweet.  The food was extroardinair, and the company was even better.

.My Mom misses Billups

Aunt Jeanine and Uncle Tony
(notice Uncle Tony's outfit)
.My beautiful Aunt Judy with my Dad.

.Ian and I.
Tony and Papa
Aunt Judy, Nina, Aunt Patti, Aunt Jeanine, Me, Moo, Nana, and Katie
(from left to right)
(bree was there too but her and George left early)
(Also Aunt Karen and Uncle Gary were there, but Uncle Gary was so wiped out that he had to leave early. He was really getting into it. haha)
(Matthew had to leave early too, because he is such a hard worker, but he took time out to spend quality time with his family)


Gingerbread Houses.!.

GinGebrEad HoUSes.!.

Today was the day of the annual gingerbread houses. It was so much fun, and everyone made faboo houses. Some were beautiful, some were baller, some were colorful, and they all were individual. :)

We started off at Papa and Nana's house.  They made a delish breakfast (sausage, french toast). 
It is a must to wear the hats.
There was a new event this year. (;
All of the finished candy houses!
Amber and Jesse's (but mostly Ambers) is in the front.
To the left is Daniel and Emily's.
Behind that is Tony's.
Behind his is Russell and Amanda's.
Then Mine.
The Bunk's.
George, Bree, Scarlett, and Juliette's.
Gabe and Hannah's.
Ha i don't know who's the next Gingerbread house is.
Christa and Brandon's
Matthew and Nina working on their house.
Me and Emily
Ian's house was amazing. It one the "most baller"award, and it definitely deserved it. In the backyard (which is in this picture) there is a tennis match going on, and a teddy bear rock climbing!!!
Here is a side view. Basketball net, and there is Michael Phelps swimming in the pool, which has a diving board.
There's Michael's. It was voted "most candy" house.
.Daniel and I.
"Best Candyhouse overall"
This is Brandon and Christa's house.
My house
Uncle Gary judging.
He is very serious about his job.
Aunt Judy, My moo, and Nina
Russell, Me, and Michael
Amanda and Russell


My Italian family???

Well for everyone who doesn't know Nina has a baby pool going on for the new baby bunk that will be arriving.  It has caused quite the discussion amongst the family. Read for yourself..

Nina - hey fam
so for those of you who didn't know, we have a little baby pool going.  i want everyone to get in on it, it is pretty cute, tell us the sex/weight/height and how u r related to us (which i am assuming is supposed to be funny descriptions, which make it really cute)
well here is the deal whoever is the closest or spot on gets a prize when we have the baby.
i have a dr. appointment this morn and he is going to tentatively schedule my c-section, so i want everyone to  get on there and vote before i disclose my tentative date!!

My dad (100 percent italian)Can you just put me in for an easy pick   I don’t know why anyone is guessing on this outcome? The kid is going to be a Red headed White Anglo Saxon.  
Matt could have married a woman from  Zimbabwe and their kids would still come out White with Red Hair. He is like a Big Bottle of Bleach the only difference he turns everything Red and White instead of just white. He is systematically breeding out any trace of Italian in those kids.
My Father

Matthew Bunk(proud father)  -What are you talking about?  My daughter has darker skin than Mikey.  Plus she has an Italian accent.  Just ask her to say Gary or Karen.  Don't start pointing fingers at m.  I am not afraid to leak the "big" Girgenti secret to the media.  I know the truth.  That's Polish blood running through their veins.  That last name has covered them for too long.  I'm putting together a petition to get the last name changed to Girgentski.  Don't test me Piccolo. The next thing I have to do is dig up some dirt on your clan.  :)

George buds inPolish? Hardly. Explain to me why in all of Tony's newborn pictures he's got a mustache and a gold chain on. The kid had a chest full of hair before he was even walking. Also, both of my children are 100
percent Italian. Check their birth certificates. You can't just make things like that up. They did in-depth blood tests at the hospital and determined that there isn't a single non-italian gene in them.
George and father Tony Girgenti (or girgentski as matthew would say)
George's firstborn Scarlett... 100 percent Italian???
Juliette.. George's second child.

Aunt karen puts in her two cents -I don't know much about this, but I do recall many instances of Tony Sr. bringing pierogi sandwiches to school with a side of polish sausage.  And several years ago I caught him rifling through Mom's photos and putting several of them through his shredder..

Michael Girgenti (my cousin) states a very prominent point -
I've had just about enough of this small time chatter! We all know there are (2) kinds of people in the world. Italian's and people that wish they were! To sum it up real quick, ask yourself one question, the answer to this question alone is enough to prove if your a whop or not. While cooking a home made pizza, like Grandma Annie always did for the family, while your sweat drips into the bowl of dough as you kneed it, do you pray and ask God to bless the dough before it rises? Enough said... Good night and God bless!!! P.S. Matt and Nina, if you have a boy and name him Bruno Brasco Bunk. I'll buy him the Godfather DVD set for his first birthday!

My dad replies -George George George   I cringed when I looked at my blackberry and seen
that you chimed in on this subject. And using our brother as an example and not yourself is shameful. If you want to continue to live vicariously through your brother's physical characteristics go ahead. But those of us around during the Parrot paradise days and your dad's involment with Marmoset monkeys know full well that Tony was and has a gene pool link possibly to that species. And as for you, someone that is spitting out Albinos faster then a snowmaking machine at Mt. Holly or an Andy Warhol family reunion you should have just sat on the sideline. Until Matt brought up the family origin of your dad. I was blaming Bree for those little sunscreen addicts, they single handedly caused a sunscreen shortage in Southern California last summer. Be proud of your heritage and by the way Bobby Vinton the Polish Prince is coming to Caesar Windsor must be 19 years or older to attend.  Rack Him Uncle Mike 

well i hope you enjoyed this. haha. i certainly did.


This Past Weekend

So last weekend was sooo much fun.  
 i went to a four hour dinner. Yes, four hours not including the time we waited for the table, and we didnt even eat dessert. haha. i drank six glasses of water. I went with my Dad, his friend Paul, and Paul's wife Donna. Ok. It was so much fun, and interesting i loved it. The food was extroardinair, which means it was really good. We went to Brio.  By the time i got home it was time for beddy bye.

Got up early in the am. (8:30ish) as usual to go to the workout class at bally's. It's so much fun because me, my mom, Aunt Judy, and our newest person Amber all go. After the work out class i went out with Aunt Judy, we went shopping, out to eat, and to a few teacher stores. I love spending time with her, she is so much fun.
After i got home, i drove on over to Julie's house, and we hung out took some pics, made our elephant presents for the christmas party. ect.

i love this pic of julie

Jewels and Mee
By the Christmas tree that Pastor Bob fixed
Ok. this snowman should of brought us to victory on the gingerbread house making contest, i don't know what happened. 
well at least my team won the scavenger hunt. woot woot

Woah. ha. woah.
its janelle (in case you were wondering)