Jeanette's version of yesterday...

i saw people of all shapes and sizes coming together to celebrate the day of the turkeys.  I set down the pies and said hi to everybody that i was thankful for, including you my friend.  The day went great, as we creamed Michael and Daniel in darts, had pie fights, and ate twice baked potatoes and spaghetti.  Madeline and Scarlett were hilarious as they smacked each other and don't forget when Juliette threw up on Angie. haha.    After a long hard day we settled down to play some intense balloon volleyball. It was fun. Then we went to Nana's, because that's where all the food was. It was ight.  then we watched some whammy, and drifted off to sleep. and we lived happily ever after.


Birthday.. day

My beautiful Mom decorating my beautiful cake!
Me hitching a ride on the train.
It means Parrrty Dowwwwn
Eating at Pegasus

Birthday Weekend

My Birthday

Sunday was my birthday party. It was so much fun, anytime i spend with my family is fun. Julie came over too!!! What a wonderful "surprise". 

The Beautiful cake that me, my Mom, and Amanda decorated.
(haha. at the party, Papa looks at the cake and says "What were they drunk when they made that cake?" hahaha)
Uncle Gary, Me, and Scarlett
Me and JuLie
Daniel and Me


The Milestone

Yesterday was soooo much fun. After college, Uncle Tony and my beautiful Aunt Jeanine picked me up, and we all headed out for a night of excitement.  We decided to eat at P.F. Changs, because that's Uncle Tony's FAVORiTE restaurant. <-- sarcastic.  But the food was delicious! Russell brought us out these AMAZiNG ribs, and we got a bunch of great food, including my second favorite dessert.  Aunt Jeanine and Uncle Tony are sooo much fun to be around, they are both always making me laugh. Oh, did i mention that they took me out for my birthday (its saturday). well they did.  And they bought me a beautiful bracelet, and corn on the cob holders. Ok. corn on the cob holders??? yes!!! They are soo thoughtful. Probably a month ago i was at their house eating some pretty amazing corn, and they had these corn on the cob holders that are so cool, and i said that, and next thing you know they bought them for me for my birthday.

Us eating at P.F. changS
russell took the pic. :)

Woohooo. Well for those of you who dont know this it has been my life  long dream to go and see Tina Turner in concert ( before something happens to her legs. hahaha). I was definitely the youngest person there. It was so much fun.  Ha. ok. funny story.  The guy next to Aunt Jeanine turns to her and goes "why did your friend come with a date, but you came alone". haha. do i look THAT much older than i am??? i mean i know i'm going to be sixteen, but i didn't think that one day would make that big of a difference.
Me and one of my best friends




I got the most wonderful present from Mercedes, Mrs. Jill, and Madison (my fam). Pride and Prejudice, which is probably one of my favorite movies. Mercedes also made me that fabu (pronounced faboo) poster. Its so awesome, especially in person, and especially if i am the person reading it, because it's all insiders haha. Thank you sooooo much!!! 



Well today was the official friendiversary of me ryan and cedes. It was a year ago today that we had the workathon at church and were stuck painting together for three hours. Good times. haha. The pics we took with ryan didn't turn out, so i put up the one that cedes drew.. haha. she is an awesome drawer. Sorry Jonathan. i had to put this pic up, if you hate it AlOT though, i will take it down...  All in all today was a great day. except i don't think history maker went to good. actually it didn't go good at all. ha.. oooh well.



Special Ops

Well special ops was tonight. Not only was it fun, but it was very interesting. I enjoyed very much having Lori back with us. I love Jeni too. One of the things we did was pick something out and explain how we can strike up a conversation about God when we see one of those objects. I chose lemon seasoning.   So here's how i would strike up a conversation while seasoning my chicken.. Matthew 5:13 You are the salt of the earth. But what good is salt if it has lost it's flavor? Can you make it salty again? You must have the qualities of salt among yourselves and live in peace with each other.
When someone buys seasoning to flavor chicken, if it had no flavor it would have no value. We should be flavoring the earth. No one wants to buy chicken flavored seasoning to flavor their chicken. In that same sense we shouldn't just blend into the flavors of the world, we should stand out.

We also picked out our quote unquote quote from the Bible quote... quote. 
My favorite scripture from the Bible is 1 Corinthians 15:58
(i like it best in the new living translation)
So, my dear brothers and sisters, be strong and immovable. Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is EVER useless.

Here are some pics.
Ha. loving Janelle's hair.