So. plunge was tonight. And rj wrote this song especially for plunge.!. It is so amazing, and so powerful,  i absolutely love it.!. It's so good that i don't care that it is stuck in my head,  and probably will be stuck there for the a while. Here are the lyrics.

I've come to find
this God of mine
you've shown your mercy
I come in thirsty
I'm here to learn
I'm here to burn 
I'm here I'm desperate
I'm coming separate

This is your moment
this is your hour
hence forth
Even in a dungeon
I just want to plunge in
To your word

I've come to find out
how you'll consume me 
From the inside out
I'm here cause I love you
You come from above
to quench my thirst
I no longer thirst
for the worlds price
you now come first
It ain't rolling the dice

and then back to the chorus again. And when Rj plays it on the guitar it sounds so awesome. It is officially my new favorite song.



julie did my makeup. ha. it's not exactly how i usually do it. But it did look nice.



Just a little side note.
The pin on julie is jesse's
baby picture.we helped clean
russell's room, and took a
few things, including the
five shirts that i was



.Now this is one lucky ducky.


Victoria came over today,., after trying to finish writing all our letters, and doing some yoga, we went to Cedes to watch Iron Giant. Best movie Ever.!. well at least one of the best movies. Then we got dropped off back at our house. And we decided to go outside and check the weather out... That's when we saw it... a HUGE spider,,, ok maybe a medium sized spider... it was still pretty big. We decided to try and catch it, because tor needs some whole spiders, butterflies, ect for her project. ( so if you have any just let me know,., hahaha) . After three futile tries, we decided that our failure was because of the lack of a theme song. So we bought the James bond theme song. And tried a few more times to catch four of the many spiders. Victoria's job was to keep the flashlight on the spider, but each time i would hit the spider out of the web, and she would lose the spider, then we would run, thinking it was going to attack us, bolt the door, run into my room, and calm ourselves down. Let's just say we still need those spiders.



Well yesterday was exciting.!. After waking up from the four hours of sleep i got, i went to church (thanks lori for driving me). It was spread the fire in the main. Woohoo.!. it was so much fun, i didn't mess up, didn't get nervous, and didn't have no fun.. which basically means i did have fun, i was trying to go along with the whole didn't thing. Daniel's graduation was after that. it was so much fun. awkward. fun. after dinner and eating about three ice creams, i heard Aunt Karen say, boy i thought it was going to rain, immediately after that, literally, it started pouring. Then someone said there was a tornado heading this was, so we all ran inside. ha. After the worst was over me and Jeanette decided to investigate the scene. We heard there was someone at the party that actually saw the tornado rip of the person across the streets house. So we hunted him down to get the actual facts. it was our very own Michael G. After hearing his story we ran around the whole,., WHOlE, neighborhood twice, taking pic's and talking to other neighbors that we didn't know. Then we walked back and forth to a huge tree that was knocked down. four separate times with four different people. I love tornadoes, and thunderstorms, lightning... i think they make everything a little more exciting,., and interesting.