Meatballs for Breakfast

it's raining snow again.!. My mooma got a new car,., it is deep blue,., but it's really vibrant... it's not a boring blue, like some cars. School went good,., and college went wonderful because i got a 100% on my homework.!. Home,., cleaned for my mom,., and i tried out this new recipe from a magazine.. its cooling right now. The ingredients are honey, granola, and sugar. But i like to make things my own so i added in a few more ingredients. I also made cookies for my mooma's class at church. Those are definitely going to turn out yumi because they have chocolate in them.!. I wont be able to try anything until tomorrow though,., because i am fasting all food, which is amazing.  Not the fasting food part, but the fact that even though i'm fasting i'm not hungry. I know God's helping me,., because normally all i do is eat. That's why i love cooking,., because i get to eat the finished product.  Off to church now because i'm singing...


Animal Crackers

School.,. enrich... ha.. the plan.. it worked. kindof. Mikey's basketball game afterwards... it was an hour and nine minutes away... So we had to get a little snack... My favorite snack in the world is animal crackers with apple juice.!. I love animal crackers,., especially the crackers that come in the box... those are yumi. Home.,., homework.. bed hopefully soon...


A little tired.

Well. today was good. i'm a little tired because of the long weekend... and Victoria.. i love her. After school, college, and piano. I cooked an amazing dinner... Appetizer. My healthy twist on potato skins... main dish. Sliced chicken. Desert. cinnamon bread with roasted cinnamon nuts. Yumi. Yoga after that... ha. well everything was going good until they told us to relax every muscle in our body, and close our eyes, and not think about ANYthiNG... so i didn't.. and i fell asleep. ha. for the last like five minutes of class. My mooma didn't even wake me up. All of a sudden i heard ashimomo. and i sat straight up, and couldn't help but smile... the class was over... and my mom was laughing at me. Picked up buddy from basketball. Home study bed...



Freezing.. brr. i love the cold, but i hate the wind. Church, then AlOt of homework for college. I have officially decided that Paul is my favorite person in the Bible, but that could change very soon, because there are many other people that i haven't completely studied. He is so upfront and bold about everything that he has to say, he doesn't mess around with putting it delicately, he just says it how it is. I want to be like that to a certain extent. ha. i don't want to be too harsh. I went over Cede's today. Ha. we made the shirts for T.o.M. they are turning out amazing,., they are half way done, we still haven't done the backs. It was so much fun, and i only messed up a couple of times,., but only because i am horrible at drawing hearts, especially when it's with permanent ink. Ha, one of the hearts was so bad that i had to turn it into a turtle. It is a cute turtle, though.ok. bed now, because when i was with tor, i didn't get any sleep, ha to much coffee. Rainbows to donkeys... 1,2,3. ha. I love Victoria so much, she is so amazing. I can trust her, and she even does me amazing favors. LIkE in the summer time, with nipper... So gross.


i love cooking.!.

Well January is the month of prayer and fasting, so i've been fasting junk food, which includes drinks, and All food on Wednesdays... So the past three wednesdays my mom has decided to put me in charge of dinner... It is so hard not sampling any of the food, or eating the finished product... The first week i made hamburgers, last week i made stuffed green peppers ( yumi ), and this week i made a chop salad... they all turned out good, but i can't eat any of them until the next day, ha, so i'm eating leftovers. Juliett Anne Girgenti was born saturday... Me and Mikey went over to babysit for Scarlette while they were at the hospital... it was fun because we were the only ones there, but Scarlette woke up in the middle of the night and wouldn't go back to sleep except if she was sleeping on me... She is sooo cute, i love her so much.!. Well now i have to get back to cleaning up the big mess i made from the chopped salad,., there's lettuce everywhere and pots and pans that need to be washed... t.t.f.n


Wait Upon the Lord

You are the everlasting God
The everlasting God
You do not faint You won't grow weary
You're the defender of the weak
You comfort those in need
You lift us up on wings like eagles

Everlasting God

Got up... Janelle slept over,., we rushed to the dentist because we thought our appointment was today... it wasn't. since my Mom made us all get up early, she brought us to Mcdonalds... Yumi. Then we went home, played on the bean, watched Father of the Bride. 2. Then Me and Janelle made turkey burgers,,, well Janelle tried, and cinnamon puffins,,, she burnt them both.,, well the puffins were partly my fault,., so we covered them up with frosting... Post office,., Church,., Church.!. all worship service tonight because Jon D. was in town,., it was amazing... It's going to be hard fasting for the month though... So pray for me....