Thanks  to the wonderful weather. Me, Jeanette, and Michael spent a lot of time outside this weekend. It was a lot of fun, although we didn't get to try bumper sledding.... oh well, i guess we'll have to do it next weekend. :)
Jeanette and Scarlett sledding down the hill.
Isn't Scarlett's outfit adorable!!!

Bree was going CRAZY fast down the hill!!! 
.Jeanette. Scarlett. Me.Michael.


Juliette turns One.!.

The adorable, amazing, cute, loveable, smiling, enthusiastic, wonderful Juliette turned ONE.!. She's getting so big! i remember the day i baby sat for Bree, when she was having Juliette. And now this little cutie is already the big 1.  Well yesterday was her birthday party, and she was the best dressed there by far. Her outfit was adorable, as you can see in the pics. And she was so happy and cute and adorable! As usual.

Some things i love about Juliette are...
Anyone can make her laugh. Her smile. She is so daring. Her cheeks. Her laugh! The ways she waddles everywhere. The way she wears that tutu. haha. When she observes things, with absolutely no expression on her face. Her cry (its soooo adorable, i want my baby to cry like that, because then i wouldn't mind it as much).  When she hugs Madeline. When she hugs me!!! How she can be entertained with just a cracker for the whole time Bree and George where opening her presents. And so many other things, but most of all  I love that she loves me. 

Juliette and Me

Juliette and Madeline hugging


Maddy Time.!.

Alright, so my adorable little cousin Madeline came over, and we had an amazing time together. We started off coloring, and when the boys got too loud Madeline turned around and yelled, "Mike!! shhhhhh." it was so cute.

Madeline and my moo peeling and eating a clementine
Then they both worked it off, by lifting a few weights.
Oh. did i mention Madeline did my Makeup??
"Close your eyes Rachie". haha. she was sooo professional. 

After Makeup, we danced around the rest off the night, read a few books. Yah know, all of that fun stuff.  I love spending time with Madeline!!!


Card Night

Card Night

Tonight was soooo much fun. We had card night with the cousins. We all played either Pinochle or Euchre, and ate a bunch of pizza, brownies, amazing salad. yah know. Even though i didn't win it was still fun spending time with the cousins. Here are some pics.

Ok. although this is extremely embarrassing for me, since Bree was playing against me at the time, I must tell this story.  When playing Pinochle, if you happen to get All of the Aces, then you receive 100 points. As you can see in the pic, she has ALL OF THE ACES. Then the very next hand, her and Christa railroaded me and Michael G. 
Nina and Angie
My Dad and Jeanette
Ok. these two (and my Mom) worked sooo hard throughout the night. My Dad made the pizza's, and Jeanette cut them into pieces, and passed them out to everybody.
.Ha, i love this pic of George and Matthew.
The four winners of the night. George, Bree, Shalene, and Christa.