Go Put the Baby in the Dryer

Today was fab.  Victoria spent the night, and we just waddled around all day. Went to Nana's, Saw Zoey, ect.. oh yah, did i mention we saw Zoey.!!!!!. she is so adorable, and i even held her. then went to Scarlett's birthday party. She's a little princess, and madeline was so cute helping her open all the presents.


3 in 1

Three days in one post. Starting with Saturday. 
Saturday just hung around at my house, then went out with Amanda. We got some lunch at the Nautical Deli, and went and got some lemon ice afterwards. yum. Then i went and babysat Scarlett and Juliette with  Michael. Ha. it was so funny. We were trying to feed Juliette, and i looked over at Mikey, and the next thing i knew the sweet potatoes were all over Juliette, and Scarlett comes over to "help" ha. it was a mess. then Michael left, and victoria came. So much fun. I dont have any pictures of her though, just a really good video. 

Sunday was so much fun.!. i got to hang out with BEAUTiFUL janelle pierik.  We went to the mall, and stuff. Then babysat Alina and Madeline, which was funn. Got some chinese takeout. Went to the park. ect. 
Janelle rocking Alina to sleep.
Us at the park
Monday. Slept over Nina's on Sunday, so i woke up to Madeline's wonderful voice. ha. She is so cute, and she loves Michael. Was tis Miiiike. ha. it's way cuter when she says. The highlight of that day was definitely when Madeline couldn't get a piece of paper off her foot. She would take it off, and then i would (sneakily) put it back on. Three steps later she noticed it on  there again tried to take it off. i geuss you had to be there. Went to the park, costco, toys r us, and played with chalk. Sooooo much fun, i love being with them. 
Once we got home it was all cleaning, before my Mom returned home from Florida. 
So tired.


Amazingly Wonderful, and Wonderfully Amazing

Today today. What did i do today.... oh yah. Welll i really didn't do much in the a.m. But Aunt Annette picked up me and Mikes today, and we hung out with her.  We went to Mexican Village, which was semi good. Semi meaning the salsa, chips, and water was delish. I geuss i was expecting food more along the lines of, Taco Bell. ha. Anyways after eating we went to the mall, and then to the movies. i would like to say that i love my brother Michael so much.  Sometimes we have our off days, but when we have our on days they are the funnest ( i know its not a word, but it is in my dictionary) days/ moments of my life.  Back to Aunt Annette's were we had blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, pineapple, mango, and Dippin' dots. Yumo. it's so weird how much Aunt Annette reminds me and Spoots of my Dad, she'll say something, and it will be exactly what my Dad would've said, or how he would've responded. I love them both so much. Fun Day.


Cedar Point

 Well, Mon-Wed. i went to Cedar Point with Steph and her family. It was sooooo much fun. I never had gone on ANY rides before, except at fairs so i didn't know how i would do. But i did fab, it was so much fun. I loooooved being with Stephanie. She was crazy at the game room.!.  It was an awesome three days. 
Us with Charlie
ddr at the game room
Stephanie's favorite game. ha
We got sooo much great stuff with All of our tickets
Trying to find our room. Stephanie took
the wrong elevator. haha.
Us with all our stuff and Candy. Yumm.


Peach Jam

Julie., being julie.
Us Rockin' before the show.
Us in our front row seats, of the back.
Me and Jewels
Chris with his coffee and pina colada. yumi.
Not sure how they taste together though. 

Reality is funnier than Fiction

Today was a fabulous day. I started of by hanging out with one of my best buds, Madeline. Then our Bff Nina picked us up, and we headed to target, and a few other places. Got backed to Nina's house, without Madeline and hung out. Sooooo much fun. Nina says she is not that exciting. PSHhhhh. She doesn't have to be, excitement just flows out of her. I had the absolute best time in the world. I imagine hanging out with her would be like hanging out with the older sister i never had. Been looking forward to this all week, and you didn't let me down. Thanks Nina i love you a ton.!. Oh, and thanks for curling my hair. =)

Putting before the Dindin.
On the green.

trying to find Katie. 

Even though i don't have an older sister, an older  brother works too. And i love him EVER so much.!. He is sooooo amazing. 

After completing this post i realized two things. One i wasn't the last one to post it. And two, i didn't put any pictures of the bride or groom.  Relating to the one. Woot Woot.!. finally i'm not last. haha. And relating to the two. Nina will have them, i don't know when, but sometime after me. =) Cause i finished first. haha ( <-- happy laugh, NOT evil laugh right there.)


Rachel with long haiR

Fun times today. Went to the soccer game at night, then home for my fav. movie.

Cutie Alina at the soccer game
Cedes retrieving a ball.

Action shot.!.

Another CUtE pic.

Haha. She is tooooo cute. 
And doesn't Jeni look good. haha. jeni just be thankful
i didn't put the other pic in. i put this in small so not alot of people would 
read it, but it is getting so long i think they might be able to notice it... teehee



i've been tagged by nina to participate in this "meme". you can grasp the basic concept of a meme on this website.

here are my 6 quirks:
1. i cant accomplish ANYThiNG in my room unless my bed is made.
2. When i watch Pride and Prejudice i am smiling the whole time.
3. Even though i know there are no anacondas in lakes, every time i swim in one i am afraid of getting attacked by an anaconda.
4. i can laugh like billy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. (but not on the spot, so dont even think about asking me to)
5. When i'm about to eat i get reeeeally happy.
6.When i'm at home i haaave to brush my teeth before i go to bed. Even if i fell asleep while i was watching a movie, i still turn on the bRiGhT bathroom lights and brush my teeth before going to bed.

ha. you have noooo idea how long that took me.
umm. well everyone i know well enough to tag has already been tagged, so here are the two that i dont think have been tagged yet. =)


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That's CRAZY talk

Jeanette's description of today...

We were roughly aroused by Nana at ten am!  We back to rachie's, and got on our summers best for the RCO picnic. When we arrived thoughts of sugar plums were dancing through our heads.  They wouldn't let us ride double on the GoKarts, so we had to single handedly womp butt.  We then proceeded to the bowling allies.  Where I took the lead on the pins.  We struck those things like no tomorrow. After our shoes were full of sweat, because we had no socks we headed over to the ice cream stand for a lemon ice.  Then we went to the next GoKart and Rachel got the slowest one ever.  I overlapped her... three times. After that humiliation we headed to the arcade to let our worries run wild.  We played jump 'o' rama, jungle safari, whack an alien, and spin 'n' win.  If we had any problems (which many occurred) we would seek help immediately, and help came.  We headed out to the GoKarts for one last round before the storm came. Then we hit up the arcade again to retrieve our prizes.  We got a blowup palm tree and a blow up sun with glasses.  8) .  We then headed home to watch aquamarine, and have a tickle fight. Then we came home made peanut butter balls, blablabla. night night.


Pics of California

ha. i to me this looks like mikey is a biG giant and Russell is reeeeeally tiny
me and russ russ
Soooo beautiful
the wonderful and fabulous nana and papa
my amazing mom and awesome daddy
  Best vaca EVER.!. I had so much fun on vacation i dont want to come home. But i geuss it has to end. oh well. I did everything i wanted to do while i was here... well almost everything. 

Some more pics

Waiting for the food

Matt and ScarletT
Nana and me on the beach
i just love this picture. props to mikey who took it.
Scarlett and Russell at the zoo



Last day in Calii today. Out of all the days in California, i think the waves were the best today. AMAZING. i dont know what we're doing tonight, but here's some pics from the last few days.

Me and my Mom. The most amazing girl i know, she is so much fun, and sooooo beautiful.
Three of the most amazing boys i know. 
i love tony.!.

My new favorite animal, look at that adorable face.!. ha