Hay ride

Ryan's version of today...

hayride was fun. final! they ran out of cider and i was thirsty. final! candy was good. final! at the end rick  was trying to get the extra hay off and was going really fast and we decided to jump in and it was insane final, because me and jonathan were in the back and it was so bumpy i almost fell of. and check out the pic of jonathan it doesn't have me in it, but its alright. final.

comment from rachel.
ryan wants everyone to check out his bicep on the pic of him and jon.


my weekend Part I

So my weekend started off with babysitting this little cutie. I absolutely love this hat on her. Madeline is soooo adorable! i looooove her sooooo much, so babysitting her was a complete joy. here are some pics.
Little miss model
Julie came over on Saturday. it was her birthday! the big .1.6. so exciting.
we just hung out and visited Nana. Ha. played some wii. Julie was amazing as usual.
Seriously. she was. better then me at least.
Us Kissing dottie. 
and holding our breath. at the same time
Corn Maze after that. i didn't get alot of pictures (zero)
of the actual maze. But Lori did and the legacy site has some too.

My weekend Part II

This whole weekend was fun and fab, but no day compares to the day we all  go to Colasanti's. The best part about this day is that it is already planned out, and i love every minute of it. I love driving in the car with Gabe, Hannah, Jesse, and Amber. Even though i couldn't relate to half the stuff they talked about, they still made me feel very much apart of the conversation. So here's some pics.

Me and One of my favorite People in the world!
Michael Moon. I seriously cannot describe how much i love him.


Some of the Ladies. i just like the pic
because only a few people are ready.


Four Of the Most Amazing People i Know

Well. their gone. i miss my parents sooooo much. They are such amazing parents, and i realize it even more now that they've been gone for six days.!. They are coming home tomorrow which is a huge plus. But i would like to dedicate this post to thee perfect parents (for me at least). They are definitely great examples and great people, and this past week hasn't been as fun without them. It has been fun, just not as fun.. I also miss my Aunt Karen and Uncle Gary. They are amazing too. And i love how they're best friends with my parents. I just wish that someone would've videotaped their whole vacation together, because Christa showed me one little clip and i couldn't stop laughing. 

Well here are some pics. It was very hard to find pictures of these four amazing people that have impacted my life tremendously, but i managed to find a few.

.Me and my daddy.
.Uncle Gary and my Dad.
.The two best friends.
Mom and Aunt Karen
My mom is soooo beautiful
. I love all of you soo much and can't wait for you to come home.



Mercedes version of today...

Alright it all started when I came over Rachel's around....well I came over a sometime I don't exactly know when. And as soon as I got there we made pancakes not just a few but enough to feed 10 people!!! And it gets even better WE ATE ALL OF THEM!!! Then me and Rachel decided to come up with ideas for our movie night shirts. We made all sorts of designs and then we just decided to do whatever. Cora came over finally we were waiting for her to show up all afternoon! Right away we made our shirts which turned out FABULOUS! After we walked all the way to Kroger. It was long but alot of fun. After all that we came home and did each others hair. Then later on we learned about how Cora is NOT FLEXIBLE AT ALL. hahahahaha! Too funny! Then we watched Nacho Libre and had Root Beer Floats...yummy! Now we are just hanging out! Today was all too funny!


Exercise 3... And 4. but no two..

ell Mondays are my all school days.  i went to college from nine am., till five p.m.. it was very interesting, but extremely long. My second class was so funny. My teacher is veeery laid back, and she doesn't know what she is doing. Me and my friend ashley were looking at exercise 2, which was supposed to be our homework for this week. We were so excited because it was only two pages long. Then the teacher says, "oh we have a change in our homework schedule, we are not going to do two, we're going to completely skip that section. Instead we are going to do sections three and four". Me and ashley just started laughing soooo hard. mayber it's because we had been in classes all day, but i still think it s kind of funny... Right.?. well anyways after school i went out with cedes to Paisano's.

Check please... Snap
She was getting me mad
Special ops. we ate sooo many
Playing games