ok. Worship.!. amazing. Yah so this year our worship team is amazing. We are all so close, and get along awesome, and this has definitely affected our worship.  I can definitely feel God's presence on wednesdays, and that is AMAZiNG. The practices are way more fun too, because we can all just be ourselves, and be crazy. So i've been talking so much about it, here are some pics.

Singers! minus me.
Ha. Jon's face is priceless here. 
he was talking while we were trying to take the pic.
Yah, Jon just couldn't stop talking. haha
There we go. Smiles.!.


had to

ha. i love this pic. 
I lOVE jANEllE.!.



Well here are some pics of us at the parkway homecoming game. Me and Janelle.!. i love her soooo much, and i think she is thee most beautiful girl. Me and Cedes, with her beautiful dress on. And last but definitely not least, me and tor. Oh. ha, and that pic of cedes. I just think she looks so beautiful in it. :)



Well yesterday was m parents 24th anniversary.!. They are such amazing parents, and i love them soooo much. They are such amazing examples of how a good husband and wife should act. Their amazing.

It says i love you!
Some good and plenty's, and flowers
By the end of the night this is what the cookie looked
like... Andrew



Well here's a little sneak peak of what me and Cedes with look like for homecoming. I went over her house yesterday, and we just talked and took pics.  It so awesome how close we live, because (just like yesterday) i can just stop by her house, even for an hour! i lOVE it.  

Janelle came over after that.!. We did all sorts of stuff, like steal fabric, dress gorillas, and follow random people down our street. ha. Oh! And of course take pics.
Uncle D. caught a bird.!. haha. we were about to go to my Dad's work, and all of a sudden we get a call from Uncle D. He told us to hurry and come outside because he caught a bird at Kroger. So we run outside, and we see Uncle D. with a big smile on his face dragging that HUGE thing down the street by a string. It was soooo funny. Just imagine if you didn't know Uncle d. and you saw some RANdOM guy riding his bike down the street with that thing tied up.

Isn't it so adorable.!.
Poor little guy. ha
I didn't notice that my camera was a LITTLE dirty. 



Today was a fab day.!. I got to go over my Aunt Karen's. I love her so much. She is such an amazing person. She has soooo much knowledge, and i looove it when she shares some of that knowledge with me. When i got home, i watched matt's video about twelve times. Me and Michael couldn't stop laughing. Cooked hamburgers, played the piano, and boggle.  Then Madeline came over, and we played with cars, and watched tv, banged on pots and pans. The usual. ha. i love her sooooo much she is sooooo adorable.!. 
Us after playing carS
Madeline wearing a woody hat.!.
nice job on the pic matt. :)


no title

Ha. well i was thinking about whether or not to post this blog, because i have no pictures to go along with the stories. For those who don't know this about me, i have difficulty reading. It's not that i can't read the words, the problem is more that if something isn't exciting enough for me my mind wanders.  So there are very few books i like, because very few can keep my attention ( thankfully the Bible is a one that can). But anyways my actual thought was.  A blog without pictures is like a book without pictures. So i'll put some color into the letters, but that's as close to a picture as your gonna get. haha.

Friday. Friday was so much fun. Everyone in my family besides me and Michael went to Angela's wedding, so it was just me and Michael at home. I could spend every weekend with Michael. I made steak and Mac 'n' cheese. We went to Krogers and got cookies, then went to Paisano's and ordered a delivery pizza and salad. Spent the rest of the night relaxing. 
Saturday. First of all let me say that i love rain. It is probably my favorite weather besides snow, which is basically frozen rain. Went out with my aunt Annette for most of the day. Ate the most expensive breakfast ever, did some errands, shopped a little bit.  Home, hung out with everyone here, which is always fun. Played board games, chess, backgammon, risk ( or at least tried to play risk haha). Me and Amanda ran around our street in the rain, splashing in puddles of mud. We rinsed off in the rain, and didn't have enough time to take a shower, because right when we got back we started the movie. It was just an all around fun two days. =)