Thanks MOM!!!

I just wanted to write a little blogger about my Mom. So i've been in the mood for spinach pie ever since my brothers birthday ( oct. 1st) and my mom decided to make it for me!! She must really love me. hahahha. I love my Mom, and i love her spinach pie!

It was the only thing that kept me going through six hours of college, and then three and a half hours of work. :)
hahah. i love my mom!!
And NO that's not a stain. her shirt CAME like that. hahahaha


Joe Christian

One of the most memorable nights of church thus far. hahah. Ok. Lori you've had some good ideas in the past, but 'the switch' was AMAZiNG!!! It was not only one of the funniest services, but i also got a lot out of it. haha.

Alright Alright. so if you aren't a highschool girl that goes to my church you proberly have no idea what i'm talking about. So we've been doing a PURE series at my church, and tonight was the final week of teaching ( banquet next week, PARTAY, ahah). They decided to seperate the guys and girls, and have the guy leaders answer the girls questions and the girl leaders answer the guy questions. BEST IDEA EVER!!! Here are some of the quotes from the night! Ah!!! haha.

Q: Why do guys like you one second and not the next?
A: No.. they don't. They like you all the time - Dougayy!

Q: Why do some guys make girls do all the work?
A: Cause that's the way God made it. - Zach

Q:Why do guys care if girls are modest?
A: If you want the right guy he SHOULD care. Every guy doesn't. How a girl dresses is the first thing that tells a guy that girls personality.
A: A guys job is to encourage modesty in a girl. The girls job is to encourage pure thoughts in a guy. - Peter
A: If you want to attract a mouse you put out some cheese. If you want to attract a scumbag, you dress provocatively.
A: ( jonathan talking) in general clothes are getting tighter ( dougay pipes in) WELL at least i know mine are! . hahahhaha

Q: Why don't guys care about personal hygiene?
A:Laziness, i can take a shower or eat some cold pizza. -dougay!

Q:Why don't guys have as much drama as girls?
A: We're a simple bunch. - Dougay!!!
A: We just have a brawl, then we're done. - peter

Some other great moments from the night, that i wont go into detail about.

" was it one of those, your in the band she's in the band"
"joe christian"
We were talking about lists of qualities a girl should have Doug speaks up " does she have a pulse". ahaha

Since my parents teach the Junior high here's a little story from theirs.
Q: What do you look for in a woman?
A: ( rj) Obedience, i want a wife that obeys me!
my dad - sounds like you want to marry a dog.
rj - when i get married i want to be the king!
dad - rj, i could see you when your married... walking into church with two pink diaper bags, one on each shoulder.

Well there it is. I love my youth group. sarcastic, fun, and in love with God!!!


Alright so here's the vid i promised. :)

Toy Story!


Alright. so for Russell's birthday he wanted to go see Toy story 1 and 2 in 3-d. it was so much fun. We had the funniest kids behind us, i'll probers put up the video soon. Russell Is such an amazing brother. He can always make me laugh, even when what he says isn't funny. haha. I love him sosososo much!!!
Me and my pretty momma. :)


YUMI ice cream cake. :P

perfect way to end the night!!! with JULIE :)