Chelsea Henson

Where to start, where to start. How about the beginning...

Well. my first memory of julie, is in C4J. her and i both had a crush on Jordan K. ( not going to say the last name.. although it's sort of obvious) and neither of us knew the other one did. I wasn't going to ask julie, i was only... what? 10, and i just started going to the church a few months ago. haha. but Julie, well she had to know, so, she pulls me backstage right before we do the offering and asks me right then and there. of course i lied to her, and said no i didn't like jordan.. haha. and we've been friends ever since.
Well this year we've become closer than ever. I'm am soooo blessed to have someone like her in my life. I couldn't imagine life with out her. She isn't perfect, but she's perfect for me. When i'm tired, and feel like relaxing, i sit back and watch julie entertain me. When i've got energy and want someone to be crazy with me... Julie is the perfect fit. When i don't stick up for myself, because i don't want to be mean, Julie is mean for me. She's always making me laugh, and always laughing with me. She gets my sarcasm, and she gets me with her sarcasm. She can also read my mind... ok. well maybe she can't do that. One day though! haha. She's a great christian, and she's not afraid of telling others what she believes ( even if sal will go on a 20 minute rant about a platypus ). But julie! when you read this. i want you to know i love you, and even though i just saw you for a lil tonight i miss you already... Love you!

Rache. :)


lori bunk said...

that was such a perfect description of jules!!! i love her too!

Julie Pannecouk said...

Thanks rachel urr so funny i love you so mucg hhahahahahahah:))it was so much fun for me to read that i laughed on the inside and out!!!