Well today was interesting. . . well it was to me at least. Russell has allergies, so i was looking up some different home remedies to help. I looked it up on google, yahoo, and a mom's website. So the best home remedy for allergies, i couldn't do because i didn't have all the ingredients, i also couldn't do the second best, third best, fourth best, ect. What i did do was give him some benadryl with a glass of water. Then took the one idea that i actually had all the ingredients for and made it. Very simple. Just boil water and add alot of salt, then inhale it until it stops steaming. I have no clue if it worked.

The pictures are of Andrew, and the huge mess he made. He was a little hungry ( like he usually is when he comes over) and after complaining for a while about how we have nothing to eat (which is very true) he decided to pull out a watermelon. Then he put the watermelon over my mom's head and said "look i have a watermelon on my head", and next thing yah know, the watermelon was smashed on the ground next to andrew who was also laying on the ground...


Let's go fly a kite...

Today was a wonderful day... It started with me going to my work out class with mom and aunt judy,., which i do every saturday... actually it started at like two in the morning with me and michael whooping some people from Japan in mario kart. Then, six hours later i went to the work out class. Uncle Gary and me went out to get some Jimmy Jons. The subs were made so fast i freaked.!. Kite flying next, it was really bright out, and russell tangled mine and amandas kite, so for like a half hour we were untangling rope, and somehow it all ended up around me,., but it was still fun. Oh. here's a little something funny that i said on the way back from shopping. "alright lets play a game. we can't say anything negative until we get home. I bet none of us can do it."



Legacy Graduations were tonight.!.
We had alot of fun eating the delicious cake and cupcakes, but some people had a little trouble getting it in their mouths.. haha. party in their tummy.

Happy graduation Janelle, Ryan, and Tor. I'm so excited that you'll finally be in my class. Three of my best friends.!. And happy birthday Ryan, i know me and cedes got you thee best present ever,., not the shirt ha the other thing with the thing.


Julie PanPan

Today me and Rachel um. what did we do.... hahaha. well. we uh. hung out and we played in the rain, played basketball in the rain with Michael, Danny and Tony. . . No doubt hahaha we won. Anyways... nonono. And we ate Mrs. Grass, with Andrew and Mrs. P.. Then watched Pinochio at Nanas. and went to the Macomb Mall with Rachel, Papa, Michael and Danny. And had a spectacular time... Michael likes bugs ( boys ) ( well at least better then julie , < ---- comment from rachel) . hahahaha. love you michael, alot. Julie. Well that's julie's definition of our day together,., if it doesn't make sense don't blame me, because i just typed it.


One of my Fav's

This is proberly one of my absolute favorite poems, the last two lines are my favorite part, but if you don't read the whole thing the last two lines will probably not make sense, so read it, all.

Dusting, Julia Alvarez

Each morning I wrote my name
On the dusty cabinet, then crossed
The dining table in script, scrawled
In capitals on the backs of chairs,
Practicing signatures like scales
While mother followed, squirting
Linseed from a burping can
Into a crumpled-up flannel.

She erased my fingerprints
From the bookshelf and rocker,
Polished mirrors on the desk
Scribbled with my alphabets.
My name was swallowed in the towel
With which she jewelled the table tops.
The grain surfaced in the oak
And the pine grew luminous.
But I refused with every mark
To be like her, anonymous.



After going to my workout class with my Mom and Aunt Judy, victoria came over. Then we went to my dad's work with danny and michael. i think Victoria finally got the concept of "no tag backs"... kind of. Then we had the honor of going and babysitting isaac and madeline. They are so stinking cute, and they are so much fun to babysit because they are so cute together. The highlight of the night was a tie between my amazing bedtime stories, and isaac getting hit in the head twenty times by madeline. It was only fair because he stole her book.